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ICONSPEAK is looking for you!

ICONSPEAK – founded in 2016, creates icon based design products, manly apparel and t-shirts, aiming to overcome language barriers of any kind. Originally solely addressing travellers, we soon realized that there are many more language barriers out there, waiting to be overcome. Popular demand by Friends, Parents, or Teachers of verbally challenged or disabled kids and individuals brought us to yet another field of language, speaking and communication barriers.

This is a field we know barely anything about, but are highly motivated to help and to apply our design know-how and production network in order to create a truly helpful product: an ICONSPEAK shirt, especially created for the verbally disabled.

Hence we invite you to help us to create this unique icon set! We rely on your know-how to develop a design and icon set that captures the most dominant communication needs really helps verbal disabled individuals in their everyday life. 

How it works: Fill in this questionnaire and give us as many inputs as possible. To thank you for your participation you will receive an ICONSPEAK discount code of 11% upon submission.

You will of course also hear of us during the course of the project. To stay tuned about ICONSPEAK, follow us on social media @ICONSPEAK

You can also reach out to us via
Any input is much appreciated!
To start off we would like to gather some information about the person in your life who could benefit from the shirt we are about to create. The information you provide will remain confidential.

In what way do you interact with verbally disabled? *

What is the age range of the verbally disabled person you know/work with? *

What is the gender of the verbally disabled you know/work with? *

Our aim is to create a shirt that suits all verbally disabled individuals such as autistic or deaf-mute people. Do you consider the term "verbally disabled" appropriate?

If you choose "no" please indicate in the field "Other" your suggestion.

How would you name this unique shirt? You are creative...

Our research brings us to the following three categories in which Icons would be most convenient for verbally disabled in order to express their wants and needs.

- Social / emotional
- Everyday life
- Health issues & Emergencies

Which of those three categories do you consider to be important? Please select and add others if you wish.

The questionnaire is based on these three categories. You will be asked to rate and add ideas of Icons in each of these categories.

Category social / emotional: Which expressions are most important? *

Please add other ideas which should enable verbally disabled to express themselves socially / emotionally.

Please take your time, answering as thoughtful as you can.
Category everyday life: Which expressions are most important? *

Please add other ideas which should enable verbally disabled to express themselves in their everyday lives.

Please take your time, answering as thoughtful as you can.
Category health issues & emergencies: Which expressions are most important? *

Please add other ideas which should enable verbally disabled to express their health issues & emergencies.

Please take your time, answering as thoughtful as you can.
After going through the three categories (social/emotional, everyday life, health issues & emergencies) we would like to ask you if there are any other categories / expressions that you consider to be relevant in order to develop Icons for verbally disabled?

Any input is valid, we encourage you to also list particular needs out of your environment and experience with verbally disabled.
Do you have any other remarks on this issue you would like to share with us?

Please take your time in answering as thoughtfully as you can.
Thank you for participating in this survey and giving us valuable hints! We will now gather all the information and then start our design process to create a most unique ICONSPEAK shirt!

Check out our products on and benefit from your 11% discount on your next order!  Simply enter the discount code "SURVEY" in the checkout section.

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